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The ‘King’ of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley

Since I was born in the very late 60’s it would be a good ten or more years before I would be able to buy my own music.. so I pretty much listened to what was on the radio or that the parents had which was a collection of Elvis/Beatles/Sinatra era stuff. So all the early influences I had were in fact those who were those who ‘birthed’ rock music as we know it and then all the true ‘classic rock’ bands that followed in the 60’s and 70’s long before I could buy my own music.

And most of that next generation of rock bands I heard on the radio on our local station KSHE in what was a Sunday evening tradition of full albums of all the great bands of the day many as they were just being released which made the transition into the 80’s pretty easy – hearing this brand new rock as it was being released in full length album form was a great evening of radio because in those days it was rare there was a bad track on the whole release. And yes, almost everyone I know was recording all of it.

My first real purchases of rock music began in the very early 80’s during the birth of the hair bands, MTV generation rock era, melodic rock and pretty much everything with wailing guitars front and center. That’s when I found The Record Exchange (still exists today) an awesome store full of used vinyl. And for all the new stuff Peaches Records and Tapes which has been gone for years. Being a kid without a lot of money brand new music was way more expensive than building a massive library of older stuff dirt cheap. Oh and then that Metallica thing happened. But as I discovered each new band in those days I also discovered something else. These other bands. These other songs. And the local radio station was of no help at all.. such a bad influence feeding us decades of rock and roll.

But again.. what did the people in the bands that shaped my entire love of rock music listen to? What influenced them? What gave them the ideas that created the music I actually grew up with. And while it covered many of the well known bands prior for most bands there are deeper tracks and lesser known bands which were the true influence. Why they picked up a guitar or a drum stick or started singing. A good example today is the band Greta Van Fleet which make it no hidden secret that Zeppelin was a huge influence on them. Well.. WHO DID ZEPPELIN LISTEN TO? AC/DC? Journey? Motley Crue? Shinedown? Even a metal band like Slayer grew up listening to something and it wasn’t Slayer.

Dave Mustaine.. former member of Metallica and current leadman of Megadeth names David Bowie as one of his main influences. And should we even wonder who influenced David Bowie?

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – NOVEMBER 14: Portrait of American musician Dave Mustaine, guitarist and vocalist with thrash metal group Megadeth, photographed backstage before a live performance at Wembley Arena in London, on November 14, 2015. (Photo by Joseph Branston/Total Guitar Magazine/Future via Getty Images)

So back to the show itself… it is also no big secret the Sunday Classics show on the local station, KSHE, is the direct influence for the purpose of this show itself but I believe more a model of the earlier incarnations of the show and even more so what the station sounded like before the days of the corporate control. But with the current ownership model of FM radio I don’t think they also really play what they would if the DJ’s had absolute free reign like they used to.

But today the Sunday show is just something pre-recorded days if not weeks in advance. It’s not uncommon for the automation system to break and maybe the show airs, maybe it doesn’t.. who knows? When we do this show it is truly LIVE. We do not plan anything ahead of time, nothing is scripted and we can’t tell you a bit about what will happen in advance because we don’t even know what that will be. We also aren’t ‘radio jocks’ or pros at all… just people like you who love this music and have lived our lives with it and before long there won’t be anyone left at the corporate station that really grew up with it too.

Anyone who lived or still lives here knows how fun this station was. It was the first to break rock music ground on FM station and are the godfathers of what we all call ‘Kshe Klassics’ which covers a lot of that great rock music from the period from a national standpoint but with a unique flair birthed in this area. There are several bands we play which aren’t that well known in other places of the country and some which are only well known overseas.

The pig was literally everywhere. What station still has the same icon and logo 50 years later? This one.

So in a nutshell that’s the show… we take the music that created the entire generation of rockers that made all the music that I loved from that very first album to today… and cram as much of it as we can in four hours. We don’t do a ton of talking, we do not have a script or even a plan. We wake up Sunday morning, make a pot of coffee about 9.. and about an hour later once I’m fully jacked on caffeine we pick one song and let it roll from there. And best of all there is no corporate influence. No program directors. No bosses. No fancy radio studio. Just every day music fans like you. People who grew up on this music and realize that while our local rock station has this stuff in their library WHEN IS THE LAST TIME THEY PLAYED IT?

A depiction of all the music your regular radio station has but refuses to pull out and play.

That’s why we are here. And it’s probably why you are here too.

The Sunday Classics Brunch. Because no one wants to wake up at 8 am for good tunes on a Sunday.

10 am. Sunday. LIVE.