The Sunday Classics Brunch 01-02-2022-1

Seriously? Season 3 already?

And the first show of the new year?

That called for pulling out some really good tunes so we took the show and split it in two parts .. the first two hours were a ton of much more rare tracks and even within classic rock shows rare to be played. The second two hours were a ton of the heavy hitters and those classics you know the second you hear em. Thinking the first show of the new year came out quite well. Enjoy! The entire playlist is below .. don’t click if you don’t want a spoiler! 🙂

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Sunday Classics Brunch – Top 50 of 2021 – 1

The big year end Top 50 most requested tracks from our ‘classics’ library from the entire past year. Do not click below unless you want to see the full list.

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