What Time Is It? Sunday Classics Brunch 3-10-24

Wild eyed and bushy tailed? Hopefully you didn’t sleep in late and miss this great show… if you did here are all four hours of todays show for your later listening pleasure. Full playlist below!

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Sunday Classics Brunch – 8-20-23

This week kicks off with tracks from Budgie, Badfinger and Diesel and overall was one of those ‘well known’ tracks type shows but still cover some really deep cuts from Rory Gallagher, Loggins & Messina and Horslips then we wrap it up in hour four with Firefall, Sir Elton and Cactus. Full playlist below!

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The Sunday Classics Brunch 06-05-22-1

The task every week is to reach back into rock music to the very tracks that shaped the rock music we listened to growing up and to this day. Many of the bands we feature are those who influenced the young people who turned into the rock stars of the 80’s and beyond that I grew up with. Dave Mustaine named David Bowie as a major influence. Boston’s Brad Delp? The Beatles. Journey? Jefferson Airplane. The hardest band I’ve ever heard live, Slayer, was influenced by Jim Morrison and The Doors. Everything I heard as a teen in the 80’s.. was influenced by the music of these shows.

So the first half of the show is the rare stuff. And I do mean some REALLY rare stuff. Only two of the songs have ever been featured on the show before. The second half we kick into gear and get into a lot of the more well known yet still rare on the radio tracks. Never listened to before? Not sure if this is your kind of music? Hit play and go about your day. Let the music play. Some you may have never heard before but you will also hear the familiar riffs and vocal styles. You will hear songs you had no idea someone else did. Might even air guitar a few times. And.. OMG is that… And that next song… this is kinda good too… and then.. well that’s how you get hooked. And then you know how the music that came to be in the 80’s.. came to be.

Not every week covers the deep ground we did this week but then again that’s why we refer to these as the ‘deep cut’ episodes. And without giving much away yes, The Hollies did that one first. But as we love to remind – classic rock isn’t just AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush.. all damn good bands but there was so much more. It’s rocking, bluesy, psychedelic, guitar and vocal driven music of all forms.

So we aren’t spoilers the entire playlist for the show appears in the post for hour four. These are as usual the completely unedited live files recorded from the broadcast. There are no oops in live radio – only bloopers. Thanks for two and a half years of rocking out your Sunday with us. See everyone next week!

The file for HOUR ONE is below. Refer to the separate pages for hours 2, 3, and 4 for this week.