Sunday Classics Brunch – Feb 4, 24

Another Sunday and first live show of February! A few of the notable tracks this week come from Grateful Dead, Savoy Brown, Pot Liquor, Sweathog and more! The entire playlist is below!

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The Sunday Classics Brunch 07-03-22-1

The day before the 4th of July and we were asked to do a ‘no mellow songs’ episode… not that we do much mellow music but I believe the aim was a cranked up show featuring some of classic rocks true rockers and many of those forgotten favorites! This week we kicked off the show with tracks from Doucette, Bliss Band, Dave Edmonds, Chilliwack, Shooting Star and more. Entire playlist below.

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The Sunday Classics Brunch 03.28.2021-1

Another great spring day which generally means good music. This weeks show started off with a bang and kept on going. Tracks this week from Robert Palmer, Good Rats, Doucette, Stillwater, James Gang, Beatles, Sweet, Deep Purple and more!

Entire playlist below!

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