Sunday Classics Brunch 6-25-23

Another one of those shows that we pulled right out of thin air after abandoning the original idea. And as usual when we pull one from there it generally ends up one with a solid audience beginning to end. And that tells us this is one of the good ones. Enjoy – playlist below.

artist title
SCB Close 2 Bye for now…
Painter Why Tell Me Why
The Rascals People Got to Be Free
The Kings Switchin’ To Glide
Trapeze Black Cloud
Elton John The Bitch Is Back
Legs Diamond Flyin’ Too High
REO Speedwagon 157 Riverside Avenue
Mott the Hoople Roll Away The Stone
Horslips The Power and the Glory (single remix)
Foghat Motel Shaker
Mason Proffit Two Hangmen
Grinderswitch Higher Ground
Ace Frehley New York Groove
Ozark Mountain Daredevils If You Wanna Get to Heaven
Yes Changes (remastered)
Atomic Rooster Head In The Sky
Smithereeens Blues Before And After
Ken Hensley The Mystery
Who Magic Bus
Robert Palmer You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming
Stillwater Mind Bender
Strawbs Little Sleepy
Kim Mitchell Go For A Soda
Chuck Francour Under The Boulevard Lights
SweatHog Hallelujah
Ambassadeurs Higher Ground
Cactus Bad Mother Boogie
Toad Let’s Rock
Sanford Townsend Band Smoke From a Distant Fire
Shooting Star Breakout
Gerry Rafferty City to City
Aphrodites Child The Four Horsemen
Blackfoot Get It On
10 CC Dreadlock Holiday
Rockpile Heart
Pousette-Dart Band Amnesia
Three Dog Night Chained
Jefferson Starship Jane
Budgie Sky High Percentage
Moxy Sail on Sail Away
Lake On The Run
Good Rats Does It Make You Feel Good
Finnigan and Wood Highway
Pacific Gas & Electric Are You Ready?
Asia Sole Survivor
String Driven Thing Circus
Diesel Bite Back
J. Geils Band Itis
Doucette Mama Let Him Play
Santana All I Ever Wanted
Buffalo Sunrise (Come My Way)
Bloodrock Sunday Song
Al Kooper Brand New Day
Chicago Wake Up Sunshine
SCB opening – extended