Summer Begins! Sunday Classics Brunch 06-02-24

This week we featured that kicked off with Animals and Lake, flew on ‘wings of steel’ and by the end we turned out the lights and sailed on with Hudson-Ford and Crawler and sammiched between a whole lot of awesome rock music! Some days the music just does it’s own thing. Full playlist below!

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Toast To The Irish! Sunday Classics Brunch 3-17-24

On this St. Patrick’s Day we started off the show with a few different lads from Ireland then as is the norm just let the music take us where it does and in the end wrapped it all up with the Thunderbirds. Entire playlist below!

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The Sunday Classics Brunch 01-15-23-1

Truly one of those hard shows to do but when a legend like Jeff Beck leaves us we still have to do a show so the first hour I picked some of my favorites from his career that also fit into the scope of the show so pretty much mid 80’s and prior. And if losing Jeff wasn’t enough we lost a founding member of BTO in Robbie Bachman as well as the daughter of Elvis, Lisa Marie. So the first hour of the show is pretty much Jeff wailing away on the guitar and it closes out with a few tracks from BTO.

The remainder of the show features all the usual classics and we closed out the show in hour four with a final track from Jeff. As usual entire playlist is below.

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