Summer Begins! Sunday Classics Brunch 06-02-24

This week we featured that kicked off with Animals and Lake, flew on ‘wings of steel’ and by the end we turned out the lights and sailed on with Hudson-Ford and Crawler and sammiched between a whole lot of awesome rock music! Some days the music just does it’s own thing. Full playlist below!

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Sunday Classics Brunch – March 3, 24 ‘Last Of The Dark!’

Yep, that’s right.. the last weekend of The Eternal Darkness (that daylight savings time thing kicks in next Sunday morning!). We kicked off four hours of great tunes and a decent amount of those tracks not the usual ones you hear a lot. Welcome to spring everyone! Full playlist below!

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The Sunday Classics Brunch 11-13-22-1

Another week of live music and starting off the show with James Taylor we also included some Joe Walsh, Charlie, Guess Who, Moxy, Grinderswitch, Crabby Appleton and the Doors in just the first hour!

Full playlist below.

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