The Sunday Classics Brunch 03.21.2021-1

Soooo… it’s been almost a month since we got a new episode posted. We did a show each week but for the past two months we had some kind of issue causing problems so we trashed most of the recordings. We may post the 3-14 episode which seems to be intact but right at midnight we found what the problem was and fixed it so when we got up Sunday morning everything was good, audience was intact and when the day starts out well the show usually turns out good.

And a good show it was. Right off the bat the mood was a great Sunday, the sun shining, temps warming and all signs are winter is behind us and things are looking up for 2021. Since we do absolutely no planning at all for these shows the mood of the music generally reflects the here and now and the comments received over this particular show were all great.. seems everyone enjoyed the tunes and watching the audience levels we didn’t have a single ‘ugh’ track where you see a noticeable number of people who ‘tune out’. Not this show. Not once in four hours.

So what did we play on this awesome episode? A lot of great tunes.. most of these are ones I’ve listened to for decades and what is the root cause for my musical tastes today.. before the days of melodic rock and before the days of hair bands in the 80’s.. this is the music those other genres derived from.

We kicked off the show this week with music from Nantucket, Lynyrd Skynyrd, UFO, Blues Image, Tommy Bolin, Trimvuirat, Granicus, Montrose, Trooper and more!

Full playlist below!

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The Sunday Classics Brunch 02.14.2021-1

On this weeks show we started off with tunes from Trooper, 38 Special, UFO, Brownsville Station, City Boy, Peter Cetera, Def Leppard and more. Entire playlist is below.

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